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Travels. Eats. Photographs.


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“A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.”

George Bernard Shaw

Mount Ngauruhoe, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.jpg

About Me

Travels, Eats, Photographs

Made in Derry, Proud Dubliner.

I took up photography in 2003 when I bought my first Canon film SLR and have since converted to digital with the purchase of a Canon 450D.

Other than a short Introduction to Photography course at Dublin's Gallery of Photography, I've been trying to self-improve my photography since.

As an amateur photographer, I still have a lot to learn in terms of technique. ​

My gallery is a set of images that I particularly like. I would welcome any feedback that you may have on any of them.

If you have any interest in any of my images, please contact me.




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